Rush Galaxy – Free Space Racing Game


Fearless warriors, wear your helmet, set foot on your ship, and go toward the deepest of your universe! The only thing you need is speed.

Do you want to drive the super speed of the spaceship in the vastness of the galaxy? Do you want to experience the thrill of the shuttle in a messy meteorites? Do you want to challenge your reaction speed and limitation? So, you can’t miss this game – Rush Galaxy.

In the game, you will be driving a spaceship through the Milky Way, at the same time, you need to keep way from the roaring meteorites and the speed of the meteorites will increase with the time increasing, so you have to collect as much as possible of gold coins and props, to extend your flight time and distance, and challenge your the farthest flight limitation.

You can use the accelerometer to control the direction of the spacecraft, and click the screen to enter the state of acceleration and unrivaled. Acceleration time will be subject to fuel restrictions.

Brilliant 3D effect
6 different styles of spaceship
Unique super-acceleration function
Beautiful music and magnificent sound effects
Playable with only one hand, on the subway and bus at any time.

Gameplay Video:


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